Welcome to The Nature of Phenology blog, an off-shoot of  the radio program that airs on WERU-FM every Saturday morning at 8:30 EST. This blog shares photos that accompany the radio episodes as well as the transcripts, references, and links to the audio archive from each episode after it airs.TheNatureOfPhenologyLogo_Poster

This program is focused on the timing of natural occurrences throughout the seasons where we share what’s happening in nature each week and focus on specific species and concepts that you can observe outdoors in hopes that you’ll become just a little more curious about the natural world.

Do you want to listen to the show? Here are your options:

  • Listen online at 8:30am EST on Saturdays from WERU’s website here.
  • Listen on the radio at 8:30am EST on Saturdays if you’re near Blue Hill or Bangor, ME (89.9FM in Blue Hill and 99.9FM near Bangor).
  • Visit our archives page to listen and/or download episodes after they air
  • Got a podcast catcher app or RSS feed? In the option to “manually add” or “add by URL” a new podcast, simply copy/paste in this link to see and be able to subscribe to the audio: https://archives.weru.org/category/the-nature-of-phenology/feed/

Hazel Joe Bold Coast Small

Who are the people behind The Nature of Phenology?

Hazel Stark (left above): Hazel produces all the episodes for the radio and writes half of them. Hazel grew up in the woods of Winterport, Maine, choosing a tent in the forest as her bedroom five months out of the year from age 9 until she left for college at 18. Identifying the tracks, scat, mushrooms, and owl sounds that existed in these woods gave her a deeper appreciation for the natural world and a passion for sharing its wonders with others. She holds a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic, an MS in Resource Management and Conservation from Antioch University New England, and is a Co-Founder at Maine Outdoor School, L3C.

Joe Horn (right above): Joe writes the other half of the episodes that Hazel doesn’t write! When he isn’t actively working to increase personal and community resilience through his efforts as the other Co-Founder at Maine Outdoor School, Joe can be found somewhere between a babbling trout stream, his kitchen, or the woods seeking solitude, reflection, and intentionality in his everyday life. Joe has studied natural history and education from California to Maine, Missouri to Wyoming, and many places in between. He holds a BS in Environmental Biology from Unity College, an MS in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Education and an MBA in Sustainability from Antioch University New England.

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This blog is associated with The Nature of Phenology on WERU-FM Community Radio, 89.9 Blue Hill, 99.9 Bangor, and WERU.org. The content of this blog is solely the responsibility of the WERU volunteers maintaining it. Donate to the important work of WERU here.


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