Episode 238: Katydids

Watch for a large green leaf climbing across the window at night. It might just be a katydid, whose song can be heard this time of year throughout most of the state.

Episode 237: Clouds

Thunderstorms come from cumulonimbus clouds, which are the giants of the cloud world. They are the only cloud that extends through all three cloud levels.

Episode 236: Ghost Pipes

Seen a small cluster of tobacco pipe-shaped mushrooms standing six inches or so above the leafy duff of their forested homes? They are not actually mushrooms but a parasitic plant.

Episode 235: Hummingbird Moths

These moths behave so much like hummingbirds, they are often overlooked with the assumption that they are indeed a hummingbird. Their wings move so quickly, they emit a similar hum, and they can hover in place like a hummingbird.

Episode 232: Browntail Moth Caterpillars

This species is named for the brown tails of the adult moth, which is otherwise white. The fuzzy brown abdomen can be hard to see hidden underneath the white wings, but you can often see it if you look closely. The caterpillar form of this species is what we first need to learn to identify, however, due to the toxin present in its hairs that can cause an irritating and long-lasting, poison ivy-like rash on contact or respiratory distress if inhaled.

Episode 231: Nighthawks Booming

I was used to seeing nighthawk flocks flying high in the sky making a short, buzzy call reminiscent of a woodcock’s “peent”, but this one was alone and very low and not making that sound. Could this relatively small bird make such a spooky, big noise?

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